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childbirth education


Childbirth education is an invaluable way to prepare for your best birth experience. Using an evidenced-based approach, I will create personalized curriculum meant to aid you in making informed decisions for you and your baby.


Here are a few examples of topics covered:


  • Birth as a hormone-driven process

  • Stages and phases of labor

  • Releasing fear, easing tension, and decreasing pain

  • Comfort measures, massage, and relaxation techniques

  • Labor positions and rehearsal

  • Skin to skin and the physiological transition after birth

  • Medical interventions and Cesarean birth

  • Newborn procedures

  • Informed consent/refusal and birth plans

  • Postpartum recovery and support


Class options:

Childbirth Education (6 hours) $600

Refresher or VBAC course (3 hours) $300

Private Labor Support Workshop (3 hours) $300


**discounted packages are available to doula clients who are interested in birth classes**


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